Review of "American Hustle"

American Hustle, 2013, 138 minutes, R rated for pervasive language, some
sexual content, and brief violence.

Starring; Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner and
Jennifer Lawrence.

This is a down-right sharp, snappy film. Great fun! A jazzed up con-game
story with tough guys and gals where everyone get into various versions, of
the con, with lots of twisting and turning!

I enjoyed the use of pop tunes, of the era, that seem to have been written
just for this movie, the characters and which keep things moving! Great
creative work there!

I liked these characters, even in their campy, illegal or over the top
behaviors, because they are real. Just like the rest of us, whether we want
to acknowledge it or not, we all play games. We, and they, are all just
people trying to get through life. No matter how bad or outrageous, the
actions of these characters are, or how their stories unfold…well…they
are…great and full of surprises!; like when…the icon of all movie con
artists, the ‘man’ himself appears, but hey that’s a surprise waiting
for you, if, you see this movie. We all want to believe, in something things
… so what’s your hustle?


Review by Gert McQueen