Review of movie "Captain Fantastic"

Captain Fantasic…a movie starting Viggo Mortensen.
By Gert McQueen

Okay I’ll admit it, I love anything Viggo does!

On January 27, 2017, I went to Watertown’s Snow Town Film Festival to see
Viggo Mortensen. Wonderful! Such a great thrill! The movie was wonderful and
thrilling as well!

As with anything he does, in films, he doesn’t do it alone! The children in
this movie are just ‘fantasic’! This is a story about a family, perhaps
not the kind of family we are familiar with, but it’s a family nonetheless,
even when it’s messy.

The film is rated R (for language and nudity).  A viewer’s views, on all
kinds of things, will be challenged, from the beginning to the end.
Suspending your disbelief, in a scene or concept, and holding your objections
until the end, will give you place within this family… guaranteed!