Review of "On Dangerous Ground"

On Dangerous Ground, 1952, B&W, 82 minutes, staring Ida Lupino, Robert Ryan
and Ward Bond.

A film ‘noir’ … that is … a tale that is tough and bleakly
pessimistic (black).

After seeing this 65 year old movie you may need a bit of time before you go
back to a movie of today’s time. This movie gives us two portraits. One, of
intensity and drama, of the seedier sides of life, on that dangerous ground,
and two, the beauty, compassion, redemption and love that everyone searches

The music score will be familiar as it is done by Bernard Herrman who did the
score for Psycho.  The director, Nicholas Ray, also directed the movies Rebel
Without a Cause and They Live by Night.

A very impressive movie!


A review by Gert McQueen